Tri-ang Minic Narrow Gauge Railways

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During the 1960s, Tri-ang made a brave venture into miniature garden railways. The chosen scale was 10 /1/4" (26cm) and ran from current picked up from the rails at 36v. There was an engine, Pullman coaches individually named and a ride on 'toastrack' bogie wagon. Only 86 locomotives were made, many going to holiday camps where they lived a hard life. Others have been regauged over the years to run on 7 /1/2" (19cm) gauge. Travelling at 7mph, they are a thrill for the children and dads alike. The Tri-ang Society has found about twenty of the locomotives, anyone with any information on the TMNR will be most welcome to e.mail the Society.

The electrically driven engine

The electrically driven engine

The electrically driven engine and Pullman coach

The electrically driven engine and buffer stop

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